Spirits of the Nature

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My drawings are the reflection of my own life, of the things that push me forward.
I learn each day. I work in black and white so i can concentrate on even the smallest detail.
Each drawing is built,
each drawing is thought,
each drawing is felt.

I get my inspiration from the Nature which is a grand and inexhaustible source of inspiration .
If you just take the time to observe closely you will find all the answers, the rules, the problems,
the solutions, the shapes, the colors, the rhythms.
Everything is represented within Nature .
I am also fascinated by all forms of science.
Science is man’s way to quantify Nature
Even though we don’t ( or rarely ) invent anything anymore these days,
we have learned to combine all of our knowledge to create new forms of art .
Occult and spiritual dimension is also present in my work.
I would like to combine the rational and the irrational and share my vision of life.

Everyone is capable of SEEING what they want to see,  you just need to change your perspective